Planning a Romantic Getaway Weekend in Calistoga, CA

If you are interested in planning a romantic getaway in Calistoga, then you might possibly be twiddling your thumbs in confusion – running out of ideas before you even begin. Out of all other cities in California, Calistoga may not pop up in the top five list of romantic cities for which to plan this type of getaway. That is, of course, unless you know exactly what Calistoga has to offer! Take a Hot Air Balloon Ride Taking a hot air balloon ride with the man or woman of your dreams may seem like a pipe dream itself. On some levels, it may seem scary to be so high in the air in a large wicker basket with a huge balloon above your head. On the other hand, it gives you the chance to literally go above and beyond the restaurants and theaters at which you would usually enjoy dinner-and-a-movie date nights. Enjoy a Comfortable Stay at a Cottage Instead of finding a hotel, you can further enhance the romance of your weekend getaway by renting one of the luxury two-bedroom cottages Calistoga has to offer.  These cottages essentially provide you with a relaxing "home away from home" experience. You can buy groceries from a local store and use the ceramic glass cooktop within the room to cook a delicious feast for your significant other and dine in instead of out. Don't Forget the Wine You cannot have an authentic "wine and dine" experience without the wine. Fortunately, Calistoga provides its visitors with access to engaging wine tours and tastings. Whether you drink during the tour or decide to take a bottle back to your room is up to the two of you. Knowing that the opportunity to decide for yourself builds the ambiance of the overall experience and will help you to see Calistoga from a new perspective.